The fourth day we drove from Grand Junction to Telluride stopping at the Grand Mesa National Forrest. We were going to stop at the Gunnison National Monument
until we read that the drive was along a rim and we learned that anything that said rim was to be automatically excluded from our trip.
After lunch in Telluride we headed for Ouray, CO where we were staying for the night.

Grand Mesa National Forrest

Viiew of Cedaredge from Grand Mesa Road

On the road to Telluride

Viiew from the gas station parking lot at Telluride

Telluride Main Street - The speed limit in town is 15 MPH on all streets

View from the motel we were staying at in Ouray

James did not tell me he had a building in Ouray

Great dinner here and a nice Flight as well. It was definitely a locals place.


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