On the second day we started out early at The Arches National Park. Then we went into Moab, checked in and had lunch/dinner and
headed for the Dead Horse Point State Park for a view of a horseshoe bend in the Colorado river and then on to Canyonlands National

These next several pictures are of The Arches NP.

We are on the trail (3 miles round trip) to Delicate Arch. You can see the road and the parking lot
in the upper left. In the foreground are the people below us going up or down the "trail".

Looking up the "trail"

Another shot of the road in and the parking lot

The professional photographer I traveled with.

Trail marker

Delicate Arch - It might not be obvious but the back of the arch drops straight down and the front drops into a bowl almost straight down

The parking lot from the arch

I have to give Kimberly a lot of credit. There is no way I was going to walk over to the arch

Petroglyphs near the parking lot

Pictures of the Sandstone formations (eroded 60 million years ago and still eroding)

Fiery Furnace

North Window

Turret Arch

South Window

North and South Window

Balancing Rock

La Sal Mountains

Dead Horse Point State Park - View of Colorado River

Canyonlands National Park


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