Photos of my recent trip - to Beaverton, OR to visit Charles and Nancy.

Three views of the Snake river from the bank at a day park about 2 miles from where I was staying in Ontario, OR.

These two photos are taken in Baker City, OR to show the snow pack. The snow started up about 8000 to 9000 feet and was very light

A couple of pictures of the "flat" Eastern Oregon

I had assumed that all of Eastern Oregon was flat. Wrong! I had driven for about 80 miles and all of a sudden we descended about
2500 feet in 6 miles. These were taken from a View Point on the way down. The far distance is in the state of Washington.

As you can see the View Point was really crowded.

These are two pictures of the Columbia River about 170 miles east of Portland. The far bank is the state of Washington. The state line
runs down the middle of the river. As you can see it looks like a large bay here.

Another shot of the Washington side from closer to Portland.

The rock strata and an idea of how deep the gorge is.

These are pictures of the entrance to Twin Falls, ID. The first few are ones I took from a viewing area just below the bridge.
In the background of the first one you can just make out the golf course at the bottom of the gorge.

This is the bridge from down below.

On the right side is the road that I took to drive down to the golf course.

More shots of the golf course.

These pictures ar at the Oregon Rail Heritage Museum in Portland. The first several are of the Southern Pacific GS 4-8-4 Number 4449
which is the only operational GS locomootive still in existance. When we got to the museum on the first day the locomotive was out on a
run and we had to go back the next morning to see it.

Charles standing next to the engine.


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