Video of two trains running as of 3 March 2019.

I will update these pictures as the layout progresses. They will be in order going down from the top.

The first two show the initial layout bench-work and the third shows the staging yard. The staging yard is used to add additional trains or cars to the layout. It is like extra storage for cars that will not fit on the layout.



I now have about two weeks into the building of the supporting structure and some of the track. The plan has three levels and the loop on the right side is the first level and also allows trains from the staging area into the layout track-work. Just in front of the staging area is the second level with the turntable and the roundhouse in the background.



I am now about a month into the project. I have made some significant progress. The third level is now visible. And the second level where the yard will go has a base. Also the third level has its base where much of the industry will be located.







6 April 2018

This is as of 6 April 2018. All track for level 1 is in place as well as the main line for level 2. I can now operate a train completely around level 2. I have one of the two access grades to level 3 with track (in the foreground) and the base for the other access is in the rear (just plywood at this point - no track yet).




These next two are of the staging yard which will be hidden from view once the scenery and backdrop are in place.


This is a couple of shots of the first train to go completely around the main line on level 2.


This is the round house and turntable area on level 2.


This is the first industry building (still needs to be painted and scenery added.

22 July 2018

Almost all of the track is in. To be completed is the top level on the left where several industries will be placed. Also all of the installed turnouts are powered.
This means they are moved by switch machines, not by hand. This in itself was a major accomplishment.



The upper level to be completed is in the middle background below the window.

These the primary yards. The missing track where the reefers are will be an icing platform and ice house.




A cabinet shop - one of the industries on level 3.


SP switcher on the beer siding.



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