Installation of Solar Panels. We added 8 panels on Plan B along with another 10 on James's house. This tripled the capacity. Now that Michigan has net metering the electrical bills should decrease significantly.

Starting to place solar panels on Plan B

Placing the first panel. Notice the OSB brackets we made to hold the panel in place while James was bolting them

Panel 1 in place

Panel 2 in place. Yes, that is a black dog on the weather vane.

Here you can see the wiring that goes from each panel to one of the control boxes that is on the right.
These boxes sit underneath the panels and connect inside the building to wires that run to James's' house.
James has the blanket to sit on because the roof was very hot this day.

3 Panels installed

4 Panels installed

Panel 5 going up. Below that is a picture of the bracket we made to hold the panels on the manlift.

Panel 8 going in.

Plan B solar all finished.

Installing wiring for James's' roof. As you can see, we were not able to put the manlift in the most desireable postion.
This did cause some stress until we figurred out how to connect James to the solar rails so he would not fall.

First three panels in. When James was moving a panel across to install it I was in the front yard holding on to the rope you see
on the right that we had fastened to the panel so he did not have to worry about losing control of the panel while he was moving it across.
The dirt piles are from digging trenches for a new deck for James when we had the backhoe for digging the piers for the Plan B deck.

Half done.

Last panel going in.

All done!!!


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