Adding the deck on the right side - overlooking the 2nd hole green.

Footing (down 45" below surface - frost level)

Deck framing in progress

Adding sheathing

Decking materials to be installed

Decking materials installed

Installing vinyl around lower deck railing

Installing panelling around inside of deck railing. Next up is to installl the roof. Since it is up in the air
and we do not have the manlift we are enlisting the contractor to come and finish off the top part. Don't
have a date yet but should be soon. The open areas you see above the panelling will be filled with
removable screens so I will not get "bugged out" in the summer.

Finally got the contractor out to do the roof. The first picture is from outside and the second and third
are from the inside. The fourth picture is the partially finished trim that James is doing.
You can now see a better view of where the screen panels will go.

This is pretty close to the finished look for the deck. All we need to do is the rest of the ceiling and install the overhead fan.
Then measure for and purchase the screen inserts.

The ceiling over the deck is almost complete
My spot on the deck


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