View from living room

Side door leading to the stairs

Front entrance door next to my garage space

Inside garage showing stairs to second floor. The shop is on the other side of the stairs.

The shop area. left side is storage under stairs, half bath and utility room.

Stairs leading to second floor. Stairs are extra wide to accommodate an electric chair if necessary.

First snow of winter 2018

Outside lights fixtures - Front of building, garage side and rear of building by each door.

February snow - winter 2019 (I think someone made a mistake when declaring this as a warm Winter)
The last picture was taken from inside the Plan B building. In back of the photographer is the stairs to the second floor.

Drone shot of James's house plus Plan B.

Two more drone shots.

Waste side water pump in place.

Frozen Little Bay de Noc. Gladstone sits on the northwestern side of this bay off Lake Michigan.
It is awesome to see pickup trucks parked out in the middle of the ice while the owner is ice fishing.

My temporary office.

The utility room showing the input water filter, the cold water distribution, the hot water distribution and the tankless hot water heater


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