These are all changes since the last update.
From now on I will move photos from here to appropriate section below and only put new photos here.

Backsplash coming along. Part of kitchen track lighting in place.
Need to now install the track and light fixtures above the island

Finally got a light over the eating area. This one is perfect and was only $40.

Train work station is in use now. I have been assembling small structures for the layout.
(When I get the time and the motivation)

Right side of train room. Pretty much a mess right now. Still working on a track plan.

Left side of train room.

Gutters and downspouts now in place on Plan B.
Foreground center is the flag pole support.

Major progress on Jamesís addition. Almost all of the vinyl on and 70 % of the drywall installed.

More backsplash. Need to cut some tile now to get around the corner.

Backsplash close up

Handrail up to the train room. Now I wonít fall off the steps. This will be painted white to match the other trim.

Screens on the deck now installed. Left side

Screens Ė right side.

Last of window coverings in place. replaced the original that I did not like.
It only took 4 months with the COVID 19 having shut down a lot of their suppliers.

Corner shelves now in place. Upper face frames are next.


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