James is adding on an all weather patio room

One side of the room. It will have many windows for a lot of light and a metal roof.

The other side. In the background ou can see the original sliding doors from the eating area.
These will be removed and the eating arrea extended out 6 feet into the addition.

Removing old sliding door an dbumpout

Part of roof and sheathing in place.

Part of metal roof in place.

Looking out from inside house - this is the new bumpout area into th eroom addition.

A better picture of the additional room for the eating area.

Reusing the old windows.

Brownie checking the new area out.

The new room from out back - see the double doors from the eating area.

The double doors to the back yard from the new room - Plan B in the background.

See how the new bumpout extends into the new room.

Most of the sheathing in place and the new roof on.


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