First floor outside walls framed.

First floor sheathing now installed. No more work until the first floor trusses arrive.

The trusses have arrived.

Installed trusses (looks like it was raining).


View from second floor

Start of second floor framing - the two dormer windows and the step wall on one side. The opposite side will be a shed dormer.

More second floor framing - exterior walls

First load of siding

Installing the Ridge Beam

What will be the Living Room

Rafters - Maybe the roof will be sheathed by Friday evening

Continue roof framing and sheathing

Roof framing and sheathing almost complete. Shingles are next.

More pics of dormer construction. From the front the, the left dormer will be my bedroom and the right dormer is in the living room.

Roof complete. Shingles are next.


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