Drywall installation (FINALLY!!!). The plan is to finish two rooms completely and then use them to store all of the stuff in other rooms.

A quick shot of the second green from the deck.

The bedroom looking out the window towards Tammy's parents house.

Another shot of the bedroom. That is James's house out the window.

The closet.

The laundry room from the office. To the right is the hallway to the other end of the building.

A picture of the stairs to the train room.

The upper entrance to the train room with the new walls installed.

Part of the living room ceiling and the entrance to the train room.

The hallway and the kitchenette. The refrigerator will go on the left side of the unfinished wall.

The other side of the living area on the right and the eating area on the left.

The bedroom and the entry to the closet.

The closet on the right and the bathroom on the left. Looking into the bathroom on the right is the curbless shower.

The office. The corner is where my desk unit will go.

Stairs to the train room.

Upper stairs to the train room. One half wall is not installed. It will go where the light is sitting on the floor.

The train room from the doorway.

The train room on the right side. At some point we will install knee walls on both sides so the actual size will be 11' x 22' of actual layout.

The stairway down to the first floor.


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