Here is what has occurred after the carpet was installed.

Moving my stuff in - no big furnture here yet except for bed and chair in bedroom.

Train workbench area next to kitchen.

Roundhouse and turntable waiting to go upstairs.

Staging yard waiting to go upstairs.

Laundry in place and working (Hooray!!)

Closet filling up.

Island drawers in production.

Drawers in place with temporary knobs - kitchen wall side.

Drawers in place with temporary knobs - island side.

More drawer construction.

Right side of Pantry shelves in place. (They do not move).

Left side of Pantry shelves in place.

More kitchen cabinets in place.

Living room starting to clear out.

Most of train stuff now up in train room. May even get up there one of these days.

New granite countertops in place - working on getting the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher hooked up.

Closeup of the counter.

The island counter and all of the drawers installed.

Faucet hooked up and counters in place. Now getting ready to install the tile backsplash.
One sheet of tile is laying on the island counter.


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